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ISBN 1-878019-22-8
Pages:176 - Photos: 4
Publication Date: April 2004
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Being a Buddha on Broadway

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Praise for Being a Buddha on Broadway and the Subtle Mind method:

"A very effective and valuable approach for seeing the world as it actually is."
-I.M. Pei, Internationally renowned architect & Medal of Freedom recipient.

"Academy-award winning director Bertram W. Salzman's compelling personal story, and invaluable Attention Exercises, makes this a book another creative medium he has mastered."
-Robert Owens Scott, Editor in Chief, Spirituality & Health magazine

“Bert Salzman is somehow able to eloquently put words to the wordless. His groundbreaking
Attention Exercises can give anyone an experiential sense of liberation, allowing one to
wake up to pure consciousness right now! This is an extremely valuable and needed book.”
Kay Vogt, Psy.D, Director, Center for Living Awareness

"Bert Salzman invites us to see what he sees, to taste what he tastes, to know what he knows: that Freedom is the end of everything and the beginning of the One Thing. This is more than a book, it is a compass. Use it."
Rabbi Rami Shapiro, author of Hasidic Tales: Annotated and Explained; and Open Secrets

"Reading Being a Buddha on Broadway felt like sunlight dancing on water; it was a flash of recognition and awe. Your book offers much value in assisting people to experience why and how attention is our greatest treasure and what it reveals. Very few speak of it."
Christina Carson, Editor, The Daily Inspiration

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